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  1. Whatsapp 91237869facebook inbox預約時間 Please reserve your booking via Whatsapp 91237869 or facebook inbox
  2. 預約(3日內) Reservation 
    1. 網上繳交訂金 E-Payment 
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      • 以信用咭或Paypal繳交訂金 $300  Pay deposit $300 by PayPal/Credit card 
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      • 將訂金$300入數至南洋商業銀行 043-511-1-018899-2 (育苗服務中心) Deposit $300 Nanyang commercial bank   043-511-1-018899-2 (Greenhope Service Center) 
      • 填寫網上報名表格及whatsapp 91237869 入數紙確認 Fill the form below & whatsapp the bank slip

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